Wastewater Pumps

HCP Pumps offers a competitively priced selection of high-quality wastewater pumps.  Our AF and FN series are effective, reliable, and durable pumps covering a wide range of specifications.  Whatever the scale of your project, we have a pump suited to the job. 

Wastewater pumps use centrifugal force or positive displacement to collect sewage, effluent, drainage and seepage water in all types of municipal, commercial, industrial, military, and maritime applications.  Wastewater pumps can be specialized to perform an amazing variety of tasks, with a vast array of features to match.  There are a number of important specifications to consider when selecting a wastewater pump, including maximum discharge flow and pressure, inlet size, discharge size, and horsepower.


AF Series Submersible Sewage/Wastewater Pumps

HCP Pumps' AF series of submersible sewage/wastewater pumps conforms to international standard design, complete with industrial-grade cable, air-cooled motor, silicon carbide seals, and the highest-grade cast iron construction.

These wastewater pumps use powerful P/U/E impellers strong enough to perform in sewage applications with solids and fibrous materials. The AF series includes a full range of pumps capable of meeting high head and/or high flow duty points and applications. This series of pumps integrates airlock valves. An oil lip seal mounted outside the seal chamber prevents solids from gathering around seal faces, and epoxy-coated surfaces protect the exterior. HCP Pump's AF series wastewater pumps are built to last.

FN Series Submersible Wastewater/Effluent Pumps

HCP Pumps' FN series of submersible wastewater/effluent pumps are precision manufactured, with IP68 Grade water resistance. Each of our pumps is assembled professionally and tested for the highest quality. The rotors are heat-treated for high-temperature ratings, and the stator winding is impregnated with varnish, then heat-dried in an industrial oven.

Standard accessories of the FN series of wastewater pumps include cable with an epoxy resin-sealed and water-resistant cable base, auto-cut thermal motor protect, and lip seal design.

FN Wastewater Pumps


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