Grinder Pumps

HCP Pumps offers a range of grinder pumps at competitive prices, suitable for everything from private residences to commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

In wastewater systems, grinder pumps grind sewage waste into a fine slurry, preventing blockage.  A sensor in or attached to the pump detects the amount of wastewater in the tank.  Once it has reached a certain level, the pump switches on, grinds, cuts, and macerates the waste, and pumps it into the septic tank or sewer system.  The grinder pump is fitted with an alarm panel that will activate in the event of a malfunction. 

Submersible Grinder Pumps

HCP Pumps' GF series of submersible grinder pumps use a vortex impeller, which is the most reliable technology available for preventing clogging.  With a corrosion-resistant radial cutter/cutter ring hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C, these grinder pumps are built to last.  The single-phase grinder pump is equipped with a centrifugal switch and interal capacitor motor designed to provide 5 times higher torque than the average capacitor starting motor.  Higher torque means less jamming and clogging.

The GF series of grinder pumps from HCP Pumps are assembled professionally and tested for the highest quality.  Standard accessories include an epoxy resign-sealed and water-resistant cable base, auto-cut thermal motor protector, and lip seal design. 



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