Axial Flow Pumps

Axial flow pumps, also known as propeller pumps, use an impeller to move liquid by applying centrifugal force.  They are dynamic pumps, generating pump pressure through fluid momentum and velocity.  An axial flow pump excels in situations requiring a high discharge/flow rate and low pressure.  They are typically used in dewatering and irrigation applications or to circulate fluid in sewage digesters, power plants, and evaporators.  

HCP Pumps offers two series of competitively priced, high-quality axial flow pumps.  We take pride in providing a range of effective, reliable, and durable products to help make your next project a success, whatever the specifications.  

L Series Submersible Large Volume Pumps

HCP Pumps' L series of submersible pumps offers large flow capacities, made possible by the use of axial and mix flow designs.  Equipped with an impeller flow guide vane, these pumps are highly efficient, low-maintenance, and easy to handle.  

We build these pumps to last.  The heavy-duty housing and cable leads are waterproofed with hardened epoxy, and the casted ALBC3 material (aluminum bronze) impeller has superior abrasion/corrosion resistance.  Our L series axial pumps can even handle small solids.  An epoxy coating prolongs abrasion/corrosion resistance.  


LA Series Submersible Axial Flow Pumps

The submersible axial flow pumps in HCP Pumps' LA series are designed to handle large volume dewatering.  The motor connects directly to the impeller for the highest efficiency, and the impeller and vanes are also carefully designed to achieve a higher pump efficiency.  The shaft and impeller are precisely balanced to reduce noise and extend product life.  All pumps in this series are fitted with a thermal protector and mechanical leakage detector; other protection devices are available upon request.  Pumps in HCP Pumps' LA series are equipped with sacrificial anodes, which are high active metals that prevent a less active material from corroding, reducing rusting corrosion in seawater and increasing the pump's life expectancy.  


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