About HCP Pumps America....
HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. HCP is one of the most successful Submersible pump manufacturers in the world. Since the inception of our company, our staff is always enthusiastic in developing and implementing better hydrodynamic techniques with lower consumption, and offering the best customer service in an effort to gain the highest satisfaction for all of our customers. HCP has a wide range of pumps which include Grinder / Grinder Packages, Pond, Sump, Sewer, Effluent, and Dewatering. HCP continues to set the standard for quality, value, reliability, and has a strong commitment to service in North America, Puerto Rico, and Canada. HCP and our pump distributors stand ready to meet all of your pumping needs.
New HCP Pumps America Facility!

HCP Pumps America is proud to announce the construction of our new facility that will be located in Foley, AL. We are excited to announce our projected opening date is October 2014.
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