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IF Series

  • Discharge Sizes: 4″ – 12″                
  • Hp Range: 3 – 250
  • Applications: Wastewater and Sewage
  • Motor: 4 – 6 Pole
  • Solids Handling Size: 3″
  • Max Head: 255 Ft.
  • Max Flow: 6450 GPM
  • International standard design: cable, auto-cut, dry motor, silicon carbide mechanical seal and high grade cast iron offering the highest quality and performance.
  • Superior abrasion resistant mechanical seal manufactured with silicon carbide to ensure the best seal effect.
  • Oil lip seal is mounted outside of the seal chamber to stop solid from gathering around seal faces.
  • A full range offering low to high head and flow capabilities. Available with Guide Rail System, which allows for an automatic remote connection and disconnection – without entering the pit.