Motor Protector



Auto-cut:  The auto-cut protector is an automatic cut-off switch installed inside the motor.  The switch will automatically cut off power to the motor if there is a power surge or if overheating occurs.  The switch will automatically restart the motor once the temperature drops to about 60 – 70oC


OverheatOverheat Protector:  The overheat protector is an automatic cut-off switch built into the single-phase motor designed to monitor the temperature of the inner motor.  The switch automatically cuts off power if the motor temperature exceeds the maximum allowable operating temperature.  The switch will automatically restart once the motor temperature drops to about 60 – 70oC.


Miniature Thermal Sensor:  The MT sensor is embedded in every phase of motor winding, and transmits a signal to the control panel.  Control can be setup to cut off power when the MT is activated, and restart when the MT is deactivated.



Mechanical Seals / Oil Seal

    Mechanical seals are engineered for every HCP pump models to offer long lasting usage and prevent leakage for the Submersible pump in Sewage, wastewater, and dewatering applications.
    Single/Double mechanical seals have a single spring coiled design for more flexibility to accommodate any misalignment, shaft deflection, and break away shock loading.  This can prevent a leakage issue.
    For fresh water conditions, Carbon Ceramic may be used, as it is the most cost effective.
    Silicon Carbide seal is effective for a wide range of pumping applications, and has a great wear resistance, strength and temperature resistance.
    An additional oil seal between the impeller and shaft provides initial waterproofing and sand protection from reaching the mechanical seal for extending longer operation during the pump’s life.


  Double MS   Double MS - CC   Single MS   Oil Seal
     Double Mechanical Seals       Double Mechanical Seals          Single Mechanical Seal                     Oil Seal
           (Silicon/Silicon-                  (Carbon/Ceramic-                       (Carbon/Ceramic)
                Carbon/Ceramic)                  Carbon/Ceramic)


Moisture Sensor

Moisture Sensor



The moisture sensor is used to detect moisture leakage through the mechanical seals.  This occurs when the seal has been worn down or damaged.  If moisture is found, the sensor will then trigger and transmit a signal to the control panel.  The control panel will then set off a warning signal and/or power off to protect the pump motor.