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Flanges & Outlet Sets

Flange & Flange Sets

Cast iron construction.
Flange fittings for 1 1/4″ – 8″ discharge.
Threads Available:  PT, PF, NPT


Flange  EF  L2F
            Flange (F)                                       Flange (EF) with bolt kit                            Double Flange Set (L2F)


Outlet Sets

For use with the AS, AG and IC Pump Series.
Cast iron construction.
Connection fittings for 2″ – 6″ discharge.
Threads Available:  PT, PF, NPT.


      LOH3      LOT5

           Hose Connection (LOH)         Male Thread Connection (LOT)

LOF2      LOTF2

  LOF Flange Connection             LOTF Flange Connection

LKF2      LKTF2

LKF Double Flange Set                  LKTF Double Flange Set
(Female Thread Connection)


LOC2      LOCA2
  Center Line Flange (LOC)         Center Line Flange (LOCA)
Suitable for applications in cramped and confined spaces.